Perhaps the one event that will bind all of Maryland together this weekend is the AFC championship between huge NFL rivals. The Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburg Steelers are set to battle one another in a game that is bound to be the most physical challenge of the season.

The Ravens made their way into the Championship by picking off the Miami Dolphins on January 4th, and the Tennessee Titans on January 10th. Their next victim? Their longtime rivals.

Battered and bruised from a vicious game last Saturday, they rested up and are ready for the fight! Only one team stands between us and the Superbowl on February 2nd.

Despite injuries on several great players, fans are optimistic. Joe Flacco has proved to be a great asset to the offensive picture. A rookie, yes, but one who doesn’t seemed rocked by the pressure of the playoffs. We have a defensive line that resembles a brick wall and has the likes of Ray Lewis, Jim Leonard and Ed Reed who seems to be everywhere on the field at all times.

So, Sunday the18th, plan to curl up in your warm house with good friends and munchies, while thousands brave the cold, to witness one of the most anticipated games of the season take place. The winner moves on to Superbowl XLIII, the loser just moves on.


(Written by Kelley Gillette, Client Care Coordinator)


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