Want $8000 for buying a home? Act Now!

Some call it the First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit. We call it one heck of a housewarming gift!

You’ve heard by now the government is giving you $8,000. But did you know you can use that $8,000 towards furniture, new appliances, flowers for the front yard, food for your guests at your housewarming party– even pay off a credit card or put into a savings account. It’s cash in your pocket!

It’s that simple. You buy a home. You file your tax returns. You get $8,000. There are no restrictions on how you use the $8,000. There are a few conditions you must meet to qualify for the credit, so check your eligibility by joining our webcast.

Time is running out to take advantage of the credit. You must settle before November 30, 2009!

Register for the webinar to learn more!

Never attended a webinar before? It’s easy! Simply click the link above to register. After submitting your information you’ll receive a confirmation email. In this email will be your own unique link to attend the webinar. On Monday, September 21 around 6:45pm you will click on the link to enter the webinar. You’ll be able to use your computer speakers to listen, or you can use your home or mobile telephone to dial in and listen.


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