Fed Up with Shoveling? Embrace Online Shopping!

If you’ve had it with shoveling, it’s time to sit back, relax, think of warmer weather, and start surfing! Online that is. There’s nothing more convenient than online shopping for a home – just point, click and you’re there. Beautiful photos and neighborhood information is right at your fingertips! And you didn’t even have to put on your snow boots!

So much has changed in the online world over the last few years. New statistics show that 90% of homebuyers start their search online. That’s up from 84% just a year ago. That’s why The Northrop Team has taken steps to go above and beyond this year when it comes to the virtual tours we provide for our listed properties. We want them to shine online so we’ve added enhanced photography features including:

  1. Elevated Photos –By employing elevated photography (from 20-foot and 40-foot elevated tripod systems) we can capture compelling images that are impossible to shoot from ground level — increasing the impact of the frontal elevation or a pool setting and adding dynamic perspective.
  2. High Definition Photography –Our photographers will use up to 3 additional lights in concert with the onboard camera flash to light select rooms of the house. These photos are brighter, crisper, clearer and look better on the Internet and reproduce better in print. During a standard walk through photo shoot, the photographer enters the room, chooses a location for the shot, selects the exposure and shoots the room in a matter of a minute or two. Using enhanced lighting and digital equipment, the photographers will carefully consider all aspects of what he/she sees in the view finder. We move objects like pillows, chairs and lamps that interfere with the scene. We will make sure that main subjects in the scene like windows, furniture and doorways are balanced and composed properly. This lighting capability is critical to evenly light the scene, bounce light into ceilings, corners and adjacent rooms to create stunning images.
  3. Night Shoots – Talk about dramatic! We just started shooting night photography to capture stunning images of the outside of the home at twilight. Check out the twilight shots of this listing at 22913 Davis Mill Road, Germantown, MD 20876

All of these things, along with an experienced photographer behind the lens, add up to better quality photos – and that impacts everything – virtual tours, print materials and advertising. All for no extra cost to our clients!

Interested in a FREE no-obligation market analysis? Tell us about your home.


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