How’s the market?

Everywhere I go, people ask me, “How’s the market?” I’m happy to say, April was fantastic! Our team sold 121 homes in the month of April. That’s great news, not just for us as a team, but also for you, our clients! We are starting to see an increase in activity. Homes that are priced well, and in good condition, are selling quickly. We are seeing homes sell in under a week and in a few cases, multiple offers. 119 of our listings have sold in under 30 days since the beginning of the year. 43 of those listings have sold in 10 days!

The condition of the home is certainly dictating how quickly it’s selling. That’s why we focus so much on staging your home properly. We are proud to announce we have two new Home Marketing Consultants on our team, Debra White and Dervon Hampton. They bring an incredible amount of experience and savvy design know-how to the table, and are already receiving rave reviews from our sellers. According to, 94.6% of staged homes sell on average in 33 days or less!

We are all pleased to see signs of recovery in this region and we are hopeful this trend continues during the summer selling season.

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