What Does It Mean to be #1?

The Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends, Inc have compiled a summary of the Top 1,000 Real Estate Professionals and Teams in the United States. The Creig Northrop Team of Long & Foster Real Estate earned the # 1 spot in the Nation based on the amount of closed transaction volume for 2010. We are honored to have earned this recognition and asked members of our Team what being # 1 means to them and to our customers. Here is what they said:

  • Real Estate is our passion
  • Our Clients are our first priority
  • When the Market changes, we know how to adapt
  • We are honest, creative, & innovative
  • We offer top notch Customer Service
  • We set goals and strive to achieve them
  • We live to make a difference in our Clients lives
  • We are always thinking about how to improve ourselves
  • We strive to always be there for our Clients through thick and thin, we are with them, guiding them through it all
  • We think ahead of the curve – we are willing to try new things, invest in new ideas
  • We offer the whole package – a one-stop shop
  • We work 24/7 and market 24/7
  • Our Clients have said “We realized if you can’t sell our house….nobody can!”
  • We are the ultimate professional – committed, and dedicated
  • Teamwork makes the dream work, and we have a great Team that is always supporting one another
  • We are # 1 because the breadth of our knowledge is broader than any other single Agent or Team
  • Our systems allow everything to just fall in place so the transaction is as smooth and organized as possible
  • We offer maximum exposure to all our listings
  • We accept changes and are flexible
  • We have a “Whatever it takes” attitude
  • We don’t dwell on the negative – we focus on the positive, and know how to move forward
  • We are consistent and have steadily risen to the top
  • Our proven systems, from staging to Marketing, Client Care to Courier services
  • We are cutting edge with Technology and Marketing
  • This is the Market when Clients need the power of a strong Team – no stronger than Number One!
  • We are responsive
  • There’s no mystery, no magic, we just work harder
  • Our experience and knowledge is incredible
  • People trust us
  • We are very dedicated Full Time Professionals
  • Our passion and dedication pushes us to excel
  • When people say we go the extra mile, well…we are the only ones on this side of the highway!
  • We have a commitment to excellence
  • We Market everywhere, our signs are everywhere
  • Our quick response time means people can reach us and get answers when they need it
  • Instead of giving up, we push through
  • We have great Managers who guide us
  • You always get a live person on all phone calls – never an automated voice mail – human touch means everything
  • When issues arise, we take it in stride
  • We hold ourselves to a very high standard
  • We are held accountable with weekly goals, monthly goals, yearly goals
  • We know what it takes to get our Clients to the closing table
  • We are in touch with the Marketplace, we are strategic
  • No matter what is happening in the Market, we always offer an entire host of services – we didn’t cut back during a tough economy – we grew stronger
  • We strive to be the best in every aspect of what we do
The Creig Northrop Team of Long & Foster provides Extraordinary Service at No Extra Cost – and YOU, our Clients, are the reason for our success! THANK YOU!

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