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Selling your home in the fall

Labor Day weekend is upon us, the students are going back to school and people with their homes on the market begin to wonder if they missed a window of opportunity to sell.

The fall season is often a great time to sell real estate in our area. The inventory of homes on the market typically drops at this time of year and this year is no exception. Many homes did sell this summer and some homeowners who haven’t sold have decided to wait it out till spring. So, those who really want to sell now have a lot less competition and an added advantage also exists this year.

This year, September and October mark the last chance for First Time Home Buyers to find the home that must settle by November 30th to take advantage of the $8,000 tax credit. So even if your home is not in a price range typical of first time buyers, there will be the “trickle up” effect. Move up buyers will get their homes sold to the first time buyers and will be looking to make their upward moves. This fall promises to be an excellent time to get your home sold!

If your home is well priced and you are still getting a good number of showings but no offers, now may be the perfect time to consider OFFERING AN INCENTIVE for a limited time. Talk to your agent about offering non-price related incentives such as new appliances, granite countertops, paying for closing costs, or buying down the interest rate for the potential buyer. If your showings have declined discuss with your agent the possibility of increasing the buyer’s agent commission to help motivate others to show your home over competition or take a buyer BACK to your property.

Your window of opportunity to stand out from the competition is NOW.

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Reduced Inventories Make it a GREAT Time to Sell!

By Maija Dykstra, Full Time Sales Agent

When is the best time to sell?  Right now!  Interest rates are low! Buyers are buying!  (We just had our best December ever with 60 homes settled!)  Many people that had their homes listed in the summer and fall and didn’t sell, got frustrated, and took their home off the market.  They will re-list in spring, but this decrease in the inventory gives buyers less to choose from, and increases the buyer to home ratio in your favor.  A home priced and marketed right will sell quickly, especially during this winter season.

Curious about the real estate market in your neighborhood? View real-time market statistics.

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Real Estate Inventories Across Maryland Drop!

This past week we saw a huge reduction in the number of homes listed for sale in Maryland. The total number of withdrawn properties across a nine county area added up to 792 homes according to MRIS, the local Maryland MLS database.

Montgomery County showed the largest number of withdrawn properties – 200, followed by Prince George’s County with 198, Baltimore City with 136, Anne Arundel County with 73 homes, Baltimore Country with 70 homes, Howard County with 42, Frederick County with 35, Carroll County with 28 and Harford County with 10 homes withdrawn from the market.

If you are currently selling your home, or thinking about listing your home for sale, this dramatic reduction in home inventory means that there is less competition in the market place. The lack of competition will help drive the current buyers to your home, and you should notice a increase in showings.

Thinking about taking your home off the market for the Holiday season? Think again! Showings during the Holidays often produce some of the most motivated buyers.


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