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Real Estate eNews – July 2011

We have reached the midway point of the year. Today, we look back over the first six months and give you a snapshot of stories that have had the biggest impact on the real estate industry so far this year.

In anticipation of what we predict will be a great 2nd half of the year – The Creig Northrop Team of Long & Foster will be launching their brand new website. Are you ready for the BIG REVEAL? We are only a few short weeks away. Stay tuned for the launch!

Top Real Estate Headlines in the 1st Half of 2011

Despite Early Headlines, Sales are Increasing

Headlines earlier in the year announced the total collapse of the housing market. To those in the know, it was obvious that comparing sales numbers in the first four months of this year to the same period last year made absolutely no sense. The largest tax credit ever given to home buyers expired on April 30, 2010. Large numbers of transactions were dragged forward last year so buyers could take advantage of the credit. Pending home sales (transactions going into contract) on the other hand have done quite nicely and many institutions (ex. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, NAR and Moody’s Analytics) are projecting good sales numbers throughout the rest of the year.  Continue reading


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The Maryland Real Estate Market is Busy!

But I caution that this traffic is not going to last forever. We believe sellers have a window of opportunity for the next 90-120 days in which to sell their homes for maximum price. We have seen a great increase in activity starting in late April, and early May. We’ve sold 35 houses in under 30 days since May 1st.

Getting settled into a new home before the next school year starts creates a huge sense of urgency for summer buyers! The other opportunity for sellers is coming from job relocation. This home buyer typically comes into town once or twice and buys. Sometimes they are in corporate housing for a short period of time but that seems to be less common now than in the past.

We are truly dedicated to helping you get the sales price you deserve by supplying all the tools and resources you need to be seen by the maximum number of buyers in today’s marketplace! Request a no-obligation market analysis now!

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Leslie Rose and Courtney Swint join The Creig Northrop Team as Home Marketing Consultants

We offer complimentary home staging to every seller. An experienced staging professional is dedicated to care for each home and each homeowner. We call this role a “Home Marketing Consultant.” They provide a staging consultation, coordinate the photo shoot and virtual tour, write advertising copy, identify the best features and photos for marketing, and ultimately help our listings sell fast and for top dollar!

Home Marketing Consultant
Courtney has a Bachelor of Science in interior design and merchandising from The Ohio State University. She brings a wealth of experience in merchandising, design, retail sales, and marketing to The Creig Northrop Team. She currently lives in Canton and enjoys weekends at the beach, traveling, concerts, Ohio state football, and spending time with family and friends.

Home Marketing Consultant
Leslie brings over a decade of design experience including women’s accessory design and interior design to the team. She maintains a Fashion and Interior Merchandising degree from Mars Hill College. She also studied at AIU in London, England. She previously staged for Sotheby’s International Realtors. She has traveled extensively including six times to Hong Kong, three times to Tokyo. She has lived in London, traveled Paris, Madrid, Rome, Florence, Venice, taken beach trips to Turks and Caicos, British Virgin Islands, and the Bahamas. She enjoys interior design, running, yoga, entertaining for family and friends, and traveling.

Courtney and Leslie join two experienced stagers on our team, Debra White and Emily Wexler.

Home Marketing Consultant
Debra is a native Texan with 19 years of residential Real Estate experience from sales and marketing to interior design. Debra trained with HGTV’s interior designer Vern Yip in Miami and is known for her passion and enjoyment of the home buying/selling experience in that she enjoys meeting people and developing quick and lasting relationships while easing the process through knowledge and dedication to excellence. She is very active in the community with her children through sports and competition dance.

Home Marketing Consultant
Emily is a native Washingtonian, growing up in Rockville and currently residing in Bethesda, MD. Emily graduated from Syracuse University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising and marketing. Emily enjoys spending free time with her family and friends, working out, and interior design. Emily is currently training to compete in her first half-marathon.

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Why They Sold

According to the National Association of Realtors recent “Focus on Sellers” survey, sellers have many reasons for moving, and these reasons vary by age. Selling a home because it was too small was the motivation for 21 percent of recent sellers. In fact, wanting to trade up to a larger home was the most frequently cited reason among all sellers, but especially for younger sellers (46 percent). Job relocation was the second most cited reason for selling a home — cited by 15 percent of survey respondents, but a decrease from the 21 percent of sellers who reported this reason in the previous profile. Job relocation was the most frequent reason for selling a home among those aged 45 to 54. Among those sellers 55 years old or older, moving closer to friends and family was the chief reason for selling a home, and it becomes an even more commonly cited reason among older groups.

The Creig Northrop Team of Long & Foster sells every price range, every day and works with all types of sellers. Whether you are trading up or sizing down, contact us today for extraordinary service at no extra cost!


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We really do sell every price range every day!

We often use a tagline in our ads that says, “We sell every price range every day!” And we thought now would be a good time to spread the word on just how true that statement is. Our current average price for our active properties is $648,814. When you add in the under contract properties, the average drops slightly to $632,692.  Our listings range in price from under $100,000 to over $3 million. We sell condos, townhouses, single families, estates, and even handle rental properties.

What’s great about working with our team is we have a wealth of knowledge about the market and a highly experienced team of REALTORS® who have years of experience in the industry and work with buyers in all price ranges. We specialize in first time buyers, the 55+ market, move-up buyers, and have now added two new divisions to our company – a Land & New Home Sales division, and a Corporate & Military Sales division.

Our pride in our communities and for helping people with their real estate needs shines through in the way we approach our clients. We understand that a home is much more than four walls and a roof. We are also very aware that every customer is unique, so we take the time to custom tailor our approach to each client’s unique requirements. We advertise in a host of real estate publications and websites ranging from weekly newspapers home delivered for free such as the Gazette, to luxury publications direct mailed to affluent households such as Luxury Home Magazine.

Interested in selling your property? Request a no-obligation market analysis.

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Going to sell the house? Don’t wait for ‘spring’ in February

The busiest season for home sales traditionally begins the day after the Super Bowl. But putting off getting the word out about your property would probably be a mistake, some experts say.

By Mary Umberger
January 10, 2010

Reporting from Chicago – It’s nearly spring — at least that’s the case in the parallel, slightly weird universe of real estate.

Traditionally, the “spring” home buying season, theoretically the busiest time in the marketplace, begins the day after the Super Bowl. Why this is so has never been clear, but it probably has something to do with finally being able to pry spouses off the couch to tour houses.

This year, “spring” arrives later than usual: The big game is Feb. 7.

But if you’re thinking of selling, waiting to list until the bowl festivities have passed probably is a mistake in the current market, according to some experts.

If you’re new to the selling game or haven’t sold a house in years, here are a few thoughts:

* Think about planting that “for sale” sign in the yard before your neighbor gets around to doing the same thing.

“We’re going to see a lot of property coming on the market,” said James Kinney, vice president of luxury home sales for Chicago-based Baird & Warner Real Estate. “We’re going to see everything that people took off the market in the fall, knowing they were going to be back in the spring.”

Plus there will be genuinely new listings in addition to the continuing cascade of foreclosures and short sales, he said.

* Don’t be surprised if, in determining an asking price, listing agents emphasize how much the competition is asking, rather than relying solely on data for recently sold homes.

Agents have always at least considered what else is on the market in setting an asking price, said Jim Merrion, regional director of Re/Max Northern Illinois.

“Now there’s more weight being placed on the current inventory, because in many cases it’s pushing prices to lower levels,” Merrion said. “I don’t know if it’s the effect of HGTV shows or what, but now we’re seeing agents taking sellers right into active listings” to get a true comparison of what they’re up against. “That never used to happen.”

Still, there’s a danger in relying too much on what the guy down the street is asking.

“An awful lot of listings are wrongly priced,” Kinney said. “If people use those as a guidepost, they could get into trouble. Do a combination of historical data and looking at who you’re competing against, once you’ve determined whether they’re valid prices.”

* And then there’s the thorniest issue: Most people have inflated notions of their home’s value in this boom-gone-bust market.

Experimenting with trying to net a price that’s rooted in the past can taint a house as an “old” listing, Kinney said.

“If you’re asking a price commensurate with or higher than prices achieved in 2006 and 2007, you’re incorrectly priced,” he said.

(Source: BaltimoreSun.com, Mary Umberger, January 10,2010)

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‘Tis the Season: Holidays are a good time to buy a home

Interest rates are still very low, and inventory has been high, but houses are selling faster these days and inventory is lower. And the holidays are a most exciting time to have houses on the market. Why? Our houses are never so warm and inviting.

And not just warm from the toasty fireplace but from those little touches you may add to your home in celebration of the season. “The rest of the year, when people are distracted by stuff (details of the house they don’t like), then they bypass the house. At this time of year … all they’re thinking about is, ‘Wow. Look. If I buy this house, look how nice it can look. And I can put the tree in the same spot that they have it.’ It helps them envision the warmth of the holiday season, which at any other time of year, guess what? They’re not getting, so in that respect, it’s actually helpful to have decorations up. People buy on emotion.” Continue reading

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